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Mac Sierra Nothing works, Unsecure Firefox with Jaksta Monitoring

 Dear sirs

Long time user. For 3 months not working- music miner or media catcher. Will not capture any media streams ( youtube) and on firefox with Jaksta monitoring sites keep coming up as Unsecured Connection- even Jaksta!

I just don't understand whats going on- all latest software downloaded from your site. Please help?

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Hi Kannan,

There are two suggestions I can make for this specific problem:

1. While Jaksta is running, visit this link in Firefox:

2. In Firefox, go to the Firefox menu at the top of the screen and choose Preferences. Then choose Advanced at the left and then the Network tab along the top. Click Settings... and select "Use system proxy settings..." then click OK.
Note: For Replay Media Catcher/Replay Music on Applian support use this link instead: http://localhost/rmc.cer

Also, are you running a VPN? The log file says it is detecting one, but it may be a false negative. If you are, try turning it off as it can often interfere with web traffic and proxy settings.



Jaksta Support

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