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Jaksta not monitoring

Hi I bought this software a couple of years ago, I have Jaksta 1.3.3 haven't used it for a while but trying to use it at the moment and its not working? Is there something that I need to do? I have a mac and the videos are running on Safari. The videos are for an educational course, a friend of mine recently purchased jaksta on my referral and he has been able to download these videos without any issue.



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HI Scott,

You could try updating to the latest version. 1.3.3 is fairly outdated at this point, so getting the latest available version would be a good start. Also, if you are running a VPN, then try turning it off as they can often interfere with web traffic and stream downloads.

Let us know if you continue to have problems after updating and we will go from there.



Jaksta Support

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