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Music Miner not working with Pandora

The Jaksta Music Miner for Mac is not working.  It is cutting the songs short from Pandora now.  I  have tested it over and over again.  Will there be an update soon to fix this?

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Hi Christopher,

There is a new version being released, which should be in the next several weeks.

This update will be to V2.0 and it will be a paid upgrade, but it will be offered at a discounted upgrade price to existing users of Version 1.X. You should receive a notification when it is released. 

It should hopefully fix any problems you are having with downloading streams from Pandora, but if it doesn't then there will be an in-built feature that will allow for audio capture from the sound output of the Mac as alternative.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, you could try reinstalling Music Miner and see if a fresh install fixes it.



Jaksta Support

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