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YouTube not working today.

I can’t get this:


Error Downloading….

Happy to send a log file (don’t want to post publicly).

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Hi Brian,

So I have some bad news followed by some good news that hopefully cancels out the bad.

Bad - I also get the same error with that particular video and not much can really be done or changed in the current version of Jaksta to get it working.

Good - we are planning on releasing Jaksta V2.0 sometime next week, and I have tested that video with the beta and it downloads just fine.

You should receive a notification once it is released and a link to the download. 

I would say your problem is most likely due to YouTube changing the streaming method for that video, which is why we do the updates/new versions to account for those changes. 

If you are happy enough to wait for the release, then that should solve your issue. If you do need to be able to record this video ASAP, then I can only recommend trying the Jaksta Screen Recorder to capture the video straight off the screen.

Hope this helps in some way.



Jaksta Support

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