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Unable to sign in to Netflix

 I am using Netflix Australia on Firefox and Windows 10. I am unable to get past the Netflix sign in page. Jacksta DVR tells me it is connecting after I enter my login details but nothing happens. Any ideas?

Please try the following:

1. Ensure JMR is not running

2. Open Internet Explorer (IE) and goto netflix.com.au and login

3. Close IE

4. Open JMR, go to Settings > DVR and ensure Browser Emulation is IE10 Default and DVR Browser Type is Ax Browser

5. Change to DVR mode and open the DVR Browser and goto netflix. You should be logged in. Watch and video and as soon as it starts playing click the red record button.

Followed your instructions but when I go to Netflix on JMR I am not logged in and am still unable to proceed past this screen. Can you help?


Thats very strange as the DVR browser is IE if you have the DVR Browser Type set as Ax Browser.

Are you definitely logged in using Internet Explorer (IE) and not some other browser?

If you close IE and reopen it does it keep you logged in?

OK, I found out that I was still signed in to Netflix on Firefox so I signed out. That allowed me to sign in to Netflix on IE. Opening up JMR I am still signed in to Netflix and am able to start playing a video BUT as soon as I press the record button the DVR/Netflix window closes and I am left with the JMR window saying "Connecting" but nothing happens. Any ideas on this?


And yes, IE closed and open keeps me logged in.


Having the same issue. It stays connecting or records for exactly 40 seconds than it says tagging.

The DVR window will close when you press the record button.  Recording happens silently in the background.

Had the video started to play when you clicked record?  If not wait for the video to start to play and then click the record button.

Could you please provide debug logs as per the following url if your still having issues:


The DVR window does close but the "Connecting" message does not disappear and no thumbnail video appears in the bottom corner. Attached is debug log.



Thanks for the logs.  

Your getting a crash when trying to find the player in IE - error code 0x800A01B6.  

I have not seen that before and am not sure what is causing it at the moment.  

Im off to do so some research, but in the mean time please ensure your using the lastest version of IE by ensuring all your windows updates are up to date.

Could you please get debug logs following these exact steps.

1. Close JMR and reopen it to ensure its fresh and doesnt have this error still in it.

1. Switch on debug via Get Support tab

2. Switch to DVR mode by clicking the highlighted button below and selecting digital video recorder from the dropdown menu.


3. Open the DVR Browser by clicking the globe icon highlighted below


4. In the DVR Browser navigate to and start playing a netflix video. Wait for the actual video to start playing before clicking the red record button.

5. Get debug logs via the paper plan icon on Get Support tab and attach them here.


It seems to have started working now, recording with the video thumbnail in the bottom left corner. I am still doing exactly the same things so I don't know what was wrong. The only issue I have now is a slight occasional stutter on playback. I have attached the latest debug log.



ok. let us know if it happens again.

The DVR captures what is visible in the player so if the playback stutters (network issue for example) that will be recorded as well.

OK, thank you for your prompt help!


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