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Recording RTMP stream that has no URL

 I am new this problem and am clueless.  I normally download guitar tutorials on YouTube with no problem.  I just encountered a tutorial on a different web site that I can't download..  It is a video that uses JW Player.  It is a stream with no URLL, and I gather and it is using the RTMP protocol which is something I've never encountered before.  I am now looking for a program which can download, record or whatever so I can view it at my leisure off line.  Can Jaksta Media Recorder do this job?  Here is the link to the web site, Krue Tv, and the specific page that has the video.  Thank you for any help that you can provide.


JMR will auto detect and capture RTMP protocol streams.

That url does not play here but I could record other streams on that site.  

The trial is free to download and use and is restricted in the following manner?:

> Download 100% of any YouTube video, including full Playlists and Channel downloads

> Download up to 50% of any on-demand audio or video clip

> Download up to one minute of any live stream

> Audio record up to one minute

> Digital Video record up to one minute

Download from here:


Thank you for your assistance.


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