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No sound Screen Recorder

Hello what is the proper set up to record video and audio when recording with Screen Recorder on a Mac OS10.12.4

This is my set up.

In preferences I have Sound output set to Internal speakers and input set to Sunflower 2 ch

This set up works most times to capture both video and audio, however sometimes there is no audio. 

If I set Output to Sunflower 2ch (I lose audio while recording) and then under the input tab you can see that the Input Level is recording. On playback I receive both video and audio. I would like to be able to have audio while recording so I can listen and watch. 

How do I set this up to always receive audio while recording and during playback?



Hi there,

In System Preferences, having output set to Internal Speakers and input set to Soundflower (2ch) is correct - which is the setup that you first mentioned.

In Screen Recorder itself, in Preferences > Advanced you should have it set to Soundflower (2ch) under Audio Options as well. 

This is the correct initial setup, and what you should find is that once you start a recording the Output in System Preferences should change from Internal Speakers to Soundflower (2ch), and then revert back once the recording is stopped. 

Also, make sure that when you go to begin a recording that the Audio in the recording box is set to Soundflower (2ch) and is not set to No Audio or Built in Microphone.


Make sure all of this is correct and then let us know if the problem continues. Feel free to send a log file as well as that might help.



Jaksta Support

I'm having the same problem described here.  Settings set as you outlined above. As of two weeks ago everything was fine, but now sound records on the captured video but I can't hear sound while recording. Log file attached, I'm on a MacBook running OS 10.12.6 with Jaksta 2.0.0.

Thank you!


Hi Penny,

Do you have any speakers or headphones plugged in while you are dong a recording? If you do, try removing them.

It may also help if you set both the Input Volume and Output Volume to the maximum levels when you are doing a recording. This should give you acceptable volume while you are recording and also make sure the recording itself gets good volume.

You can adjust these levels in System Preferences > Sound > Input. The Output Volume is your normal speaker volume, so make sure you turn it down when you are finished recording otherwise it will be super loud.

If nothing else helps I would then suggest doing a hard reinstall - uninstall Screen Recorder, reboot the machine, reinstall the latest update available on the site - https://www.jaksta.com/download/mac/jaksta-screen-recorder



Jaksta Support

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