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I just bought Jaksta and it is AMAZINGLY SLOW!

I did 1 video from youtube and that was quick now everything is taking FOREVER!

It says downloading but the bar is blank.

I have Sierra on both of my macs.

Please tell me what i need to do to speed it up otherwise it is useless for me!

Hi Anthony,

Are you running a VPN at all? Sometimes this can affect capturing speeds, so if you are start by turning it off. 

Would you be able to run another test download and then send us a log file if you encounter the same problem? You can find the log file in Jaksta by going to Preferences > General > Find Log File.

Please post the file itself and not just copied sections of code. It tends to make these threads a bit messy. 

Please also provide a link to the video you are having trouble with.



Jaksta Support

Hi again Anthony,

Also in Preferences > General, check and see if Enable Debug Mode (down the very bottom) is turned on. If it is, try turning it off and that should speed things up a bit.



Jaksta Support

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