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Jaksta 2.0

You are offering an update and want money for it. That's might be fair, but I can find no information on what benefits the upgrade presents me. How can I choose for an upgrade when there is no information at all about the new upgrade.

What does 2.0 what the previous version not can. Does it work without proxies? Does it match with vpn, etc., etc. What are my benefits.

Gert Schreuder

Hi Gert,

There is some information in the release notes on the info/downloads page on the Jaksta site. 

The main new feature is the URL bar downloader, which makes it so you can download a video without needing it to be open in a browser and you can download without the monitoring being turned on. 

Apart from that, it contains a lot of fixes and updates that largely address the newest OS update and changes to the streaming delivery of some big content providing sites. 



Jaksta Support

Thanks for your reply. For now I keep going on with the "old" Jaksta as I'm not updating the system yet, and still your reply did not convince me why I should pay $25 for fixing bugs and adding some facilities. Maybe later when I update my OSX.

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