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Installation error Configuration Daemon Not Running

Issues with Jaksta music recorder:

 When opened, I received this message:  Installation error  Configuration Daemon Not Running

When "Audio Capture Mode" is on, I get no sound from the computer at all and it does not record.

When in the "Streaming Mode,"  the first 10-15 seconds of a song is repeated in the downloaded MP3 audio file.

I am using Mac Sierra version 10.12.4

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Hi Chris,

First of all, I would recommend doing a full reinstall. That means uninstalling the current program, rebooting the machine and then reinstalling the program. There is quite a bit going on there, so there might be a break in the apps processes, which a reinstall should reset. 

Start with that and then let us know if the problem continues.

If it does, I will get you to send through a crash log file, which can be found by opening Console and then going to ~/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports, and then select the latest one for Jaksta Media Recorder. 



Jaksta Support

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