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Activation error with JMR7

 I just downloaded the new version of Jaksta Media Recorder

Program asks for activation with my Activation key already filled when I click activate I get the following error message window

No such operation: null (HTTP GET PATH_INFO: /storews/ActivationBeannull)

As activation fails I am in trial mode :(

Bit strange.  Can you switch on debug mode as per https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063 and then try and perform the action that causes this error and then email the logs to support AT jaksta.com. (Do not attach them here).  



Our licensing server is currently down.  Techs are looking into it.

can you update when server fixed


Sorry for very late replay.  Was fixed 7 hours ago :)

Thanks activated correctly
Plus version 7.0 fix the problem of certificate with latest chrome ui



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