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New purchase of music miner not working

 Just purchased and downloaded the media bundle including the Music Miner - will not record Pandora and it keeps crashing.

Please advise.  If not able to fix - would like a refund.

Music Miner has worked fine in the past, by the way.


Louisa WalkerMI

Hi Louisa,

Can you please send a log file to us so we can check to see if there are any errors happening?

You can find it in Music Recorder by going to Preferences > general > Find Log File

If you would like, you can send it privately through to our email ticket system. If you are OK with it, you could also provide login details to your Pandora account so that we can test a specific link/song that you are having problems with.



Jaksta Support

Thanks again Liam.  I have opened the log file - how do I send it to you?  copy and paste?  Or is there a function to forward it to you?

FYI - the music recorder keeps crashing.




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