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JMR7 is not recording sites JMR6 would

Hulu and Amazon crash on record.  Netflix overscans and records with a browser window box around it.

Vudu, now records, but at extremely low quality.  

Not sure what the issues is but I rolled back to 6 and those issues are gone.


All work fine here and haven't had other reports.  

What crash are you getting?  Please provide debug logs as per:


JMR6 and JMR7 can co-exist on the same machine.

Hello, The sites are no longer crashing with .8 but it is still overscanning and failing to record the whole picture.  J6 still works fine.  Except on hulu, spinner of death on both versions.  Amazon is OK on 6, overscan on 7.



Nothing changed in the DVR for .8.

Are your DVR settings consistent between v6 and v7?

Please provide debug logs as requested so we can see what is happening on your system.  Just start with one site that is not working for you.

here is the debug, and the video with the image that has the window border during recording.  Yes both 6 and 7 have identical settings.  I do use them both on the same machine to switch back and forth when things dont work quite right.  Thank you for the look at it.

(3.16 MB)

Can you switch debug on as soon as you start JMR before going to DVR and recording netflix and then collect the logs via paper plane icon before turning debug off.

That way I get to see everything.


I closed JMR7, opened, turned debug on.  went to guides.  Netflix, record, and then airplane icon.  To get the debug file.

I did turn it on before attempting any recording.  


Your logs are empty. Are you running 6 and 7 at the same time?  If so please close 6 and just run 7 and get the logs as per the above.

clean boot

open JMR7

turn on debug



Recorded 10 sec video

Manually stopped


Paper airplane

close JMR

Post results

(2.42 MB)

Perfect thanks!  Ill get back to you on what I find in the next day or two.

Did you have IE open whilst this recording was happening?  

No. I use Opera for a browser. In the test I had nothing but jmr open.

Your logs show the Silverlight window in which the video is playing, is not resizing to fill the entire window when requested to.  

Do you have the latest version of silverlight installed? If not please update if you can and see if that makes a difference.  


I also see you're still on Windows 8. Support for Windows 8 stopped over a year ago.  Can you update to Windows 8.1 Update 1 or preferably 10?

When you play the video in the DVR browser and resize that window by dragging the window corner, does the player resize to fill the entire window when you release the mouse?

You mention the word guide in the steps you undertook to generate those logs.  

Just to confirm you're performing the following steps to start the DVR browser and start recording (if your not doing it this way, please try it this way and generate logs if it doesnt work)

1. Selecting the DVR capture method button


2. Clicking the netflix quick link icon


3. Navigating to and playing the netflix video in the DVR browser and then clicking the REC button


I have never been on any version of windows but 10/home.  It came with the machine.

I attempted to update silverlight (in opera and in I.E.)

Get Silverlight | Microsoft Silverlight

The version of Silverlight installed is:

Silverlight 5 (5.1.50906.0)

that is the april release of silverlight.

The guide is the mag glass on the left, then pop vid sites, then netflix.

I did do it the way suggested above as well and got the same result.

I can not drag or increase the size of the playing video area, there is a gap about 2 inches to the left.  I can pull the container window in and match the video window (its almost like an iframe) and then record, but i get the same result.


Wow that is very strange.  Your log files show that Windows is reporting your operating system is 'Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0'.  That is Windows 8.  I wonder what is going on.  

Whilst not always accurate what does this say your OS is (open in IE will give best result): http://whatsmyos.com/

At least you're seeing visually what I am seeing in your logs re the video not expanding to fill the whole window.

Could you please send me a msinfo32 dump to support AT jaksta.com and reference this thread:  In 'Type here to search' enter msinfo32 and then File > Save to save a nfo file.

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