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File naming partially broken in latest version(s)

 Hi there, it's me again. I'm annoying, aren't I?  ;x

Ok, so as soon as was available for download I updated Jaksta. And I was very happy to see you kept your promise and removed that Silverlight error message. Unfortunately the version comes with a new problem. The file naming (Naming Rules) is broken on several (not all) sites for me. Files are just called the default Jaksta Media Recorder 7 instead of the files named they used to get in And before you ask for the obvious, no, changing Naming Rules options didn't help.

I was almost about to downgrade to again but then I had an idea. I download every version in between, from to The results are as follows: - file naming is partially broken. - file naming is partially broken. - file naming is fine.

As has working file naming AND doesn't have that annoying Silverlight error messaged I just sticked with it. So since is working fine and is working fine I bet the versions in between are fine as well. However, something must have changed from to

Have a nice weekend.

Can you give an example of a site where this is occurring and your debug logs?

This is an example URL:

In every version up to Jaksta gives the file the name "yolo-14919876965237670252--20170412173057". In and it just calls it Jaksta Media Recorder 7.


How are you capturing this?  If I use the extraction method (enter it in Enter the URL to download), I get the active browser title.  This is because the m3u8 don't contain a title and no referer is provided in the response from which to obtain a HTTP title tag so it is defaulting to the active browser title.  I gather you have the settings "Use application title as initial title" set to off?

Can you give me the page hosting the player if you're using AUTO mode. Or debug logs would be best 


Actually, I see whats happening now.  In old versions m3u8 urls entered in "Enter the URL to download" were passed through to the HTTP downloader where they were then detected as actually been HLS and passed back to the HLS downloader to be downloaded.  

This has now changed where m3u8 urls are passed directly to the HLS downloader.  

The HLS downloader is not processing the naming rules in the same manner as the HTTP downloader does.  

Will implement for next version.  Thanks for reporting. :)

Fantastic job. Thanks in advance. :)


Unfortunately this was not fixed in  :/
Going back to

Yes sorry that didn't make it in.  Reverse engineering these new web sockets protocols nearly killed me ;).  Its still on the list to do.

Looking good so far. Great work! Thank you very much.


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