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Jaksta Media Recorder - Could not load certification authority

After the program has run a few times, I get "Could not load certification authority" and the programs hang. Once a do a system restart, it works a few times then gives the same error.

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Hi there,

Can you please start by doing a hard reinstall - uninstall, reboot, reinstall. 

If you continue to have this problem let us know and there should be another more advanced approach we can take if needed.

In the event that it persists, once you close the program and reopen it after it hangs it might come up with a dialogue box with 3 options saying - Report, Ignore, Reopen. If you do get that, click on Report and then there should be another option to get the Crash Log - send that file through to us. If you don't get any of this then just ignore these instructions. 

Please also send through a screenshot of the error. 



Jaksta Support

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