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Difference between Jaksta 1.5.1 and 2.0

I have Jaksta 1.5.1 for the Mac.  There are certain sites with embedded video that it is unable to download.  For instance this one:


I would like to know if your new version of Jaksta is able to download the video from this site and what other differences there are between the new version and 1.5.1.

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Hi Sylvie,

I am able to successfully download, convert and view the file that Jaksta 2.0 generates from the link that you have provided.

The main new feature is the URL bar downloader, which makes it so you can download a video without needing it to be open in a browser and you can download without the monitoring being turned on. 

Apart from that, it contains a lot of fixes that address the newest OS update and changes to the streaming delivery of some big content providing sites. 



Jaksta Support

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