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Media Recorder

Dear, Am downloading recordings of webcasts with Jaksta for more than two years. The last webcast (last Tuesday) is only downloaded for 2.9 MB. Please see attachment. The total MB is 1250. All previous webcasts were under 1000MB.

What could be the reason why I can no longer download the pre-recorded webcast ?

Has it to with the file size ?

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Hi Renatus,

Can you please supply a link to the video you are having problems with?

If you are still able to successfully download videos from the same site and other sites, then it is most likely an issue with that specific video. The issue may the be the size.

Can you also try the download again, and then when/if it fails get a copy of the log file and send it through.

You can find the log file in Jaksta by going to Preferences > General > Find Log File

Please send through the file itself rather than copying and pasting the code here.



Jaksta Support

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