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Audio fluctuates

I am trying to download some YouTube videos with Jaksta Media Recorder 7.0

I have tried with Firefox and Chrome, I have tried various download options with and without conversion but all is not good.

The video recording is fine but the audio fluctuates up and down. As soon as someone speaks the volume goes high then drops to a normal level as if an filter is on but I can find no setting for this.

Can you help?

The audio is provided by YouTube and downloaded directly from their servers, and I have not heard of this before.  

Please provide an example url, the download quality, and format chosen plus your debug logs files as per https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

My bad ....!  Turns out to be VLC player.  I reset the preferences and all was ok.

no probs. thanks for letting us know.

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