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Downloading audio from Mixcloud.com issues

Hi there

love the software but.....

I am unable to download any audio from mixcloud.com.

Thry this link  https://www.mixcloud.com/simonluckin/graham-denes-breakfast-show-on-capital-25777-47-mins/

Sometimes downloads 2o seconds then stops.

Tried using Jaksta 6 & latest 7 version.

Tried using Google Chrome, FIrefox, Edge & Explorer.

Using Windows 10 latest version.

Cna you help please as it worked ok up to start of May 2017.

Log attached.

Best regards



You can not use the AUTO method as the stream that is played in the browser by default and therefore captured is copy protected.  



To download mixcloud you therefore have two options:

1. Mixcloud downloads using the extraction method.  Enter (or Drag and Drop) the Url of a video page to download.


2. As mixcloud.com is radio, you could also use the Audio Recorder capture method


The logs you have provided are not in debug mode.  If you are still having issues then, please provide debug logs as per the following link:


Hi there

Thanks for the response. I have tried your method and it works. Somehow my method of capturing live from the web site up to last month has stopped.

Thanks once again for your fast response.

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