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How to record a stream without stopping?


I start recording the stream in Chrome, switch the AUTO switch to ON, Jaksta detects the stream and starts recording in FLV format. Next, I switch AUTO to OFF and the recording stops.

How to set up the recording to continue? If you write a stream in Firefox, then everything is OK - it is written in MPG and does not stop.


Settings of the RTMP tab in the application.


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If the stream is being downloaded then the AUTO switch can be switched off as network traffic is no longer required.

If the stream is being recorded (as opposed to downloaded, perhaps because it is a secure stream) then you need to keep AUTO on so network traffic can be processed by JMR.

If you dont want JMR to pick up any new streams, but still want JMR to continue to record a stream in progress then you can switch the Process New Streams button to off (this is the green thumbs up highlighted below.



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