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Installation Error - Proxy Configuration Daemon not Running.

Hey guys, 

Ever since I upgraded to version 2.0 I am getting the following error... Installation Error  Proxy Configuration Daemon not Running..  Please reinstall Jaksta Recorder..

I have reinstalled the product over and over again. 

Thank you for your help. 


Hi Alan and T,

The location of the proxy config daemon file is: System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.ProxyConfigDaemon.plist

'System' is the hard drive that your machine runs from. In my case that is Macintosh HD. 

Do not go looking for the file in your user profile file directory. You will not find it.

If you do have trouble finding it then I would suggest using the 'Go to Folder' option in Finder > Go, and then just put in the file path as: /Library/LaunchDaemons/

The file itself is com.ProxyConfigDaemon.plist and that is what you will want to whitelist/exclude from any cleaning or exclusion protocols you may have running.

From what we have seen, Clean My Mac 3 often causes problems even when it shouldn't. We have had users before who have reported that even after setting it to ignore the PCD file, it either still deletes it or it continues to interfere with Jaksta for unknown reasons. If this looks to be the case for you T, then I would suggest removing the software. 

Normally a proxy config daemon error is displayed when it is either missing or corrupted, but sometimes depending on the system or other factors (such as other software that interferes) it just hangs instead and gives the ongoing beach ball.



Jaksta Support

ok, if found the file, but i have only a adblocker running. so what do i do?

Hi Alan,

The log is showing that crash reports are being generated as a result of the PCD error. So it would be helpful if we could get those. 

You can find them by opening the Console app and then use the side menu to navigate to /Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports/ and there should be something in there that stands out. Might look something like ProxyConfigDaemon.crash

If you don't see anything there then try looking in ~/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports/ (the paths look similar but one has the '~' at the start of the file path). There may be a file that looks something like Jaksta Media Recorder________________.crash, where the blank space has the date it was generated and an ID number. This may be the only crash file that you find. Regardless of what else you find, send through the one dated as the most recent. 

Also, if you look in /var/log there should be a file called ProxyConfigDaemon.log. Send that as well as it contains additional PCD information. 



Jaksta Support

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