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songs not transferring to iTunes

I have 2 issues:

1) The Music Miner did successfully record the sound from a YouTube video; however, it did not transfer it to iTunes.  Specifically, the "Move to iTunes" icon stays faded and when I click on it nothing happens.  So the song is stuck on the Music Miner list.

2) A related issue: Another song successfully recorded from YouTube to Music Miner, and this time the "Move to iTunes" icon was dark grey, and I clicked it to move it to iTunes; however, it is nowhere to be found in iTunes....not in "Recently Added" and nowhere in "Songs"

Please know that another song worked successfully from record to moving to iTunes.  Done at the same time as the ones mentioned above.

What is the issue?


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Hi James,

Normally Music Miner force converts all downloaded files to .mp3 by default, which are compatible with and can be moved to iTunes.

My best guess is that for some reason the conversion process is not working for some of your downloaded files, and you are not ending up with .mp3s and that is probably why you do not have the option to move them to iTunes. Either that or the downloaded file itself is faulty and not even playable in its original downloaded form, and so no conversion has been applied to it and that's why it can't be shifted. That might explain the two different scenarios you have of not being able to move to iTunes.

To check the original downloaded files you can go to your Downloads folder and check the files individually and make sure that they are not 0KB empty files and that they are playable - VLC is good for testing. If any of them are empty/broken/corrupted (ie. unplayable) then that tells you right away why they are not able to be moved. Maybe try downloading them again if that is the case. You will also want to see what file type the problem files are, as if they are not .mp3 but they are playable, then that tells you that for some reason an extra step is needed to force the conversion (but we can suss that out later if that is the case).

If problems persist then doing a hard reinstall would be good - uninstall, reboot, reinstall.

Give all of that a try and let me know how you go.



Jaksta Support

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