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Why does my stream show as double time when the song is only half?

I put an hour stream in, and on my ipod it shows as 2+hours now, but only plays the full hour, I'm worried if it's still eating up the extra blank hour of GB

Could be the duration tag is wrong.   If this is repeatable could you please provide the url of the page hosting the stream where this is happening and the capture method you used so I can test it out here.

I tried to change the duration, there was no option for that, I am simply loading in youtube vidoes, and every recording doubles up in my recording menu, it's annoying to have to delete each duplicate.

Plus my artwork is always stuck on some wrong random band

Are you auto converting?  If so then you will have two entries.  One for the capture and one for the conversion.   Its up to you to delete the one you no longer want.  The software will not auto delete any file.   You can use the standard list view features such as sorting on columns and multiple selecting to make deleting easier.

Artwork is obtained from a google image search based on the name of the downloaded video.  

If you are still having issues please provide a debug log of the entire capture process of a youtube video by following these instructions:  https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

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