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Can not download stream from sr.se

 Dear Sir or Madam,

I have serious problems downloading programs from this site


In particular I failed the program 8 Jul 2017 by Linda Boström Knausgård

When I turn debugging on it sometimes work, but I have not found a setting that works

The programs are 90 minutes long, the "pod" versions are not relevant, I need the full 90 minutes programs.

I am doing this on Windows with a recently bought latest version 7 of the Media Recorder. I have tried the other programs in the Suite but nothing works.

Please provide instructions on how to proceed. I am currently on Windows 10 and use the latest Firefox version.

FYI I also have an older version for mac (registered under the same name but with XXXXX) but it is not even possible to navigate with the browser with that version so I decided to try a Win product.

Captures and plays back the full 90 minutes ok here:



If you are still having issues please provide debug logs that shows the failure by following these instructions:  



Hello, I answered by mail and lost a day, sorry. Here goes:


This is what I get, a number of snippets with the wrong name, not the complete program


I used the “cloud” setting as you did, I have used the “music keynote” setting with slightly better results


Please indicate any settings I should change (if you can see anything from the log) or if I should open/close/check any ports in the firewall.


I am really stuck here.

Logs are attached, loook at the newest first.

Your logs show you are audio recording.  The reason why you are getting the stream split into many files is because silence detection is kicking in.  For radio streams such as this you would need to switch silence detection off.  Audio recording with silence detection on is really for ripping songs from the likes of Spotify where you want individual songs in separate files, or ripping songs from a radio stream into individual files.  Silence detection can be switched off via the Settings > Audio Recording > Split on Silence.

That said this stream can be captured using the Stream Downloaders AUTO capture mode.

1. Close your browser.

2. Open JMR. By default, it will be in stream capture mode.  The cloud icon is selected in the menu bar at the top and the AUTO switch is visible.


3.  Switch the AUTO to the on position.  It will turn green, you will hear a little beep sound and the animated image will display in the bottom left corner.  JMR is now monitoring your internet connection for media to capture.


4. Open your browser and go to http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=2071&artikel=6716063  and play the stream

5. JMR will pick up the stream and start to capture it independently of your browser as per the screenshots I provided my initial response to your question in this thread.  You can now switch the AUTO off and even close your browser.  JMR will continue to download it until its finished capturing or you cancel the capture.

If you are still having issues, before step one above, Clear your browsers cache.

If you are still having issues, after step two above, switch debug on via Get Support > If requested by support please switch Debug mode on and the switch it off again 30 seconds after the stream starts playing in your browser (when step 5 above should be happening) and then collect the logs via Get Support > Click the paper plane icon and attach them to this ticket.


Hello again,

This instruction solved my problems, TNX!


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