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Hoopla download

Hi, I purchased this software to download few videos from Hoopla.  
I have been spending few hours but nothing loads on the DVR browser. Just stuck at the loading page. Please instruct how to download properly or else I would want my refund back.


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As its password protected can you please email your login credentials to support@jaksta.com so we can have a look for you to see if something needs changing settings wise. Reference this post in your email.

I too have purchased Jaksta Windows Media Recorder to be able to record movies from Hoopla.  When I start DVR mode and open the browser in Hoopladigital.com, it just sticks on displaying "Hoopla".  When I close Jaksta MR and open an explorer window, the "Hoopla" is shrunk and then a log-in screen is displayed.  What do I need to do to get Hoopla started?

kay didn't provide login details.

It will most likely be the browser emulation setting (Settings > DVR) that needs to change.

As its password protected can you please email your login credentials to support@jaksta.com so we can have a look for you and tell you the best capture method. Reference this post in your email.

I am not going to share my Hoopla credentials with you for serveral reasons and I am very surprised that any company would ask a customer to do that.

1) I assumed from information on your web site,

https://www.jaksta.com/best-apps/hoopla , that you already knew how to use Jaksta with Hoopla which would imply that you had a Hoopla account to test it with.

2) Getting past the problem that I described does not require logging on to the site. It doesn't even allow me to get to the screen where my username and password is entered.

3) The movie that I have been trying to record so that I can watch it on my big TV will expire tomorrow. Assuming that I gave you my credentials, you would probably "check out" another movie to test with. Although Hoopla is free to users, it is supported by libraries that offer it to their patrons so this "check out" will cost my home library.

4) Sharing user name and passwords is just not a good idea.

I have tried using your product for another site that you claim to support and having been thwarted in those attempts as well, I am going to request a refund.


I suggested changing the browser emulation setting. 

Over the years, heaps of users have securely shared their details with us so we can check out when things change.  It is simply not possible for us to have accounts to every streaming service on the internet - we only maintain access to a few of the big ones.

Your refund will be processed sometime today as requested.

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