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Jaksta 7 + plugin Firefox = record .flv ?


When I used Jaksta 5 streams record was in .flv format

Now I have a Jaksta 7 + plugin for Firefox. Recording from the same sites is in .mpg format and the files are getting larger.

How can I configure it to be written in .flv at once? Without conversion after recording.

Thank you!

You haven't mentioned what the site is but ...

If it was previously being captured to flv format then the site was more than likely using the RTMP protocol.

If it is now capturing in mpg format it is now more than likely a HLS protocol stream that is being detected and captured.  

JMR captures in the in the native format of the protocol it detects.  If you want to convert after that then set the format and quality from the conversion list drop down it will be automatically converted after the capture is complete.

I have 2 versions of the program - 5 and 7 (installed on different computers).

Site chaturbate.com

I am writing now. Jaksta 5 writes to the .flv format .

Jaksta 7 + plugin FF writes to the .mpg format .


If you select the conversion after recording, the video quality becomes worse.

Just had a look at chaturbate.com and the only stream available here is a HLS stream.  This is not detected in the very old v5, but is in v7 and is downloaded as mpg (the default format for that protocol).

Im interested to see how you are getting a stream that can be captured as flv.  Could you please send me debug log files from version 5 showing the detection and capture of such a stream?

Please follow these instructions in v5.  Thanks.

1. Help > About > Support > and check Enable Debug mode

2. Switch Start on for "Download from the Internet"

3. Go to chaturbate.com and start playing a video which you then captures to flv format and let capture for 30 seconds or so and then you and stop it

4. Help > About > Support and click email logs to support.  Logs will be zip and placed on your desktop.  Attach them to this post.

Oh and what plugin for firefox are you using that you mention in this posts subject.

Log file from Jaksta 5 in attach.

Wrong name, I do not use the plugin for FF.

I use Firefox HTTPS Monitor.


Your log is showing an RTMP protocol stream that will be captured to flv as I suspected.

RTMP requires a flash video player.  When I login to ru.chaturbate.com using firefox I get a HTML5 video player streaming the HLS protocol which when captured with JMR 7 results in mpg.  Note JMR5 cant detect and capture HLS because of its age.

Ive had a look through the chaturbate settings and cant see anything about changing players.  Do you know how you are getting a flash player? Are you using an old version of firefox or something?

Actually just got the flash plugin to be enabled in firefox and then chaturbate loaded the flash player instead of the HTML5 player.

My testing here shows JMR7 detects and captures the resulting RTMP stream to flv the same as JMR5 did when chaturbate chooses to load the flash player and request an RTMP stream.

If you are getting a HLS stream then the flash player is not loading for some reason and the HTML5 player is loading and requesting the HLS stream.


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