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File Conversion in Jaksta Media Recorder


I need some advice or help. After capturing or recording video files which are typically *.mpg files I chose to convert them to *.mp4 with the same quality as original file. However, the conversion results in a file with a much lower bitrate that is clearly visible in the output file.

Example 2700 kbs ----> 600

Disk space is not a problem. How can I resolve this issue?

Thanks, Dre

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You have full control of the conversions (which front ends ffmpeg which does the actual conversion in the background)

From the conversion settings menu select the Configure menu and you will be presented with the Conversions Presets Dialog.

From there select an existing Preset and copy it.  You can then change the settings for the conversion as required and save it to a new preset.  

Then use your new preset to convert the files you want.


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