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Cannot download Sing Snap songs with latest Media Downloader

nI paid for and downloaded the latest version (8/2/2017) of Jaxsta Deluxe version. I installed the Media downloader on my Win 10 laptop without error. I started the program and accepted the defaults.  I navigated to a Snap Sing performace in a separate window. I copied the song's URL from the Sing Snap window and pasted it into the Media Downloader and clicked the download button.  The download did something for a few seconds then complained that the item at the URL was not downloadable. 0 bytes downloaded.

I decided to try the 'auto' function thinking that anything I could hear would be captured.  I turned the media player's AUTO switch on and then started the the Sing Snap song playing in its window.  I enjoyed hearing the song from start to finish ... but the Jaksta captured nothing!

I am using the chrome browser in my Windows 10 laptop to navigate to the Sing Snap pages where the songs I am interested in are listed.  I am very disappointed that this doesn't work as I thought it was advertised, but I am willing to follow the advice of tech support to get it working.  I bought this program specifically to download the sixty songs that one particular artist has recorded.  I figured that $0.83 per song was worth the price, but if I cannot get those sixty songs downloaded, I'd like to have my money back.

I'd rather have the songs than the money.  Can someone help me.  Am I using the wrong piece of the Deluxe package to do this job. or am I using the correct tool incorrectly?  


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Sing Snap captures fine here.

There are two ways to capture:

1. direct download using Auto mode.  If Auto mode didn't work for you then song was most likely cached by your browser because you listened to it previously.  Clear your browser's cache and try again.


2.  Audio recording.  Select the audio recorder capture method icon and then click record. Play the song and it will be captured.  As you have purchased the Deluxe version you also have Jaksta Music Recorder which will do this for you.


If you are still having issues please provide debug logs as per https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

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