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Chaturbate has become impossible for me to capture. Totally grey video image and yet still has sound

In the past Jaksta captured this site perfectly. But recently Chaturbate has added a 'resolution selection' button within each room. When you visit any room the quality of the stream can look good to horrible to choppy, until you click the resolution button and it improves (the choppiness generally stays). Could this have anything to do with my dead captures? Most times Jaksta begins to capture BUT most of the captures read at strange resolutions. Commonly Chaturbate models stream at 640x480, but most of my captures read a strange 380 or other lesser sizes I've never seen before. The worst of all is the resulting captures are horrible. Jaksta captures something, but what it is I don't know. On playback the vids look fair, albeit too small and generally not the 640 resolution, BUT BUT within a few seconds or minutes of playback the video goes completely grey or black, audio still intact but the video is completely trashed. I've seen this change sometimes too. Sometimes Jaksta records a TS file? What the heck? Could the resolution button that Chaturbate is trying to 'roll out' be affecting Jaksta and their own streams? I also notice that Chaturbate states directly below most model screens that there is a 'beta version' of this resolution setting available if you click. I dare not click since I'm already crippled by their blown out/errored stream. I don't see many threads about this Chaturbate problem. I can't be the only one seeing this kind of huge error within captures there? Am I doing something wrong? Why is Chaturbate adding a resolution button within their streaming service? Sounds fishy and super complicated? Should I be accepting Chaturbates 'beta' click? So weird, this all used to be so easy to record.

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Sites change their streaming methods all the time so just because it used to work one way doesnt mean it will always be that way.  Thats why you want to use a product like JMR which is updated constantly with all the new protocols etc.

Using chrome I can capture and play back chaturbate streams perfectly here in VLC using the url capture method or AUTO detected method as shown below.  

The protocol detected is HLS and multiple resolutions are available for capture.  HLS captures to its default formats of mpg by default or to TS if you have Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS > Download as MPG off.




Im not sure about the beta version resolution you are referring to.  The only thing i see to change resolutions is circled below which is a popup menu allowing you to select the resolution.


Its also possible to get chaturbate to use the flash player using firefox.  Make sure flash is installed in firefox and chaturbate by default will use it instead of the HTML5 player.  When the flash player is used you get an RTMP stream which is detected and captured to flv.


So let me know how which method you are using to detect and capture chaturbate and what player you are using and more about this beta thing you are seeing. Perhaps some screenshots. 

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Thanks so very much for the fast reply. When I get home I'll try to send you much more info. I've NEVER been offered the multiple stream selections? Why is that? I'd love to be able to capture the highest offered, but all I get is one stream recording, no alternates at all. Nothing pops up telling me that there are multiple stream qualities available, as shown in your examples above. Have I not set up my Jaksta correctly for this function? Anyway, I'll get back to you soon. Thanks very much indeed. I'm hoping to solve this soon. I'm able to capture perfectly at the MyFreeCams (MFC) website (they only offer one resolution for each room I believe?) , but Chaturbate is a mess.

Many times I can't even surf quickly using Firefox when Jaksta is turned on. Websites are extremely slow to open or time out all together? Chrome and Opera seemed to work much better. Why is that? Thanks again CRS!!


If JMR is not prompting you with multiple qualities then either the stream detected doesnt offer them or you have selected default formats/qualities - See Settings > Internet Downloads > Preferred Download Quality and Preferred Download Format. Set them to Prompt if you want to be prompted otherwise JMR will use these settings to try and work out what is best to download.

When AUTO is on it is analyzing all your network traffic as well as pumping HTTPS streams through JMR's internal proxy to analysis that for media protocols to capture.  Depending on what is going on this can be quite intensive.  

Therefore only switch AUTO when you want to detect something.  Then switch it off.  Most times there is no need to leave it constantly on.  

For example, when I want to detect some thing using AUTO mode, I go to the site and start streaming it, decide I want to capture it, switch AUTO on and then refresh the page in the browser which JMR then detects and starts to capture (download). I then switch AUTO off.  Now there are some streams that need to be recorded and in those instances, you need to leave AUTO on so it can continue to process the network stream and extract the media.  Those streams will say Recording when they are detected (instead of downloading).

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- With Flash disabled in the browser, JMR will prompt you to choose the resolution.

- With Flash enabled in the browser, the stream is correctly recorded but with a dynamic resolution, the resolution change on the fly during playback. You'll need a video player able to detect the signal format change in the H264 bitstream or you'll get an grey image.


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I had to make an account just to say thank you so much to CRS, you solved all my problems

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