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Mac OS High Sierra Beta and Jaksta

Hi folks,

I've upgraded to Mac OS High Sierra Beta version and can't get Jaksta Media Recorder to work for my iMac.

Is there a trick I don't know about?



Hi Tim,

You are the first person to report any issues when running Jaksta on Mac OS High Sierra.

That being said, in the past Jaksta has been known to have problems with Mac OS betas in some instances.

For the moment, our only recommendation is to revert your OS to a non-beta version and then wait for it to get out of beta before re-updating. 

Jaksta has fixes/patches built into its own updates to address any major OS conflicts or issues, but generally we will wait for the OS to be passed the beta stage before doing so.



Jaksta Support

Darn... I hate being first to report an issue.  ;-)

Jaksta just won't start.  It loads quite well but when clicking on the start button at the bottom left, the wheel just spins and spins then issues an error response.  

Thanks for getting back to me.  I'll have to load Jaksta on my PC then.


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