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Recording Vidangel streams

The entire reason I purchased this software was because it promised the ability to record Vidangel videos, as seen on www.jaksta.com/best-apps/vidangel

So far, I have been unable to record anything.  Jaksta seems to do its recording through IE.  I found various settings to emulate different versions of IE, but I couldn't find anything that indicated I could record through Chrome.  My every attempt to record any kind of video stream through Vidangel in either IE11 (on Win7) or Jaksta results in the message: html5: unsupported video.  Chrome works beautifully, and all of the documentation on their website highly recommends the usage of Chrome.  

Is there a way I can get Jaksta Media Recorder in DVR format to record through Chrome instead of IE?

(225 KB)

I am still unable to download from vidangel also. Does this work yet?

Please provide the url to the stream that is not being detected and debug logs as per


Jaksta works fine with Chrome.

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