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unable to start Jaksta Media Recorder 7


After installed Jaksta Media Recorder 7 in Windows Vista,

there is an error message saying security protocol not

supported.  Please see the attached file.  Thank you.

(20.1 KB)

A different error - not ffmpeg related.

"The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.  Please see the application event log for more detail"

This is normally caused by the C++ redistributable not being installed on your machine or it is corrupted or missing.


For your ffmpeg error on Vista, I tracked down the last version of ffmpeg that works on XP/Vista.  

Please see:  https://jaksta.com/support/windows/kb/ffmpegexe-entry-point-not-found-on-xpvista-6000183465

The Visual C++ is already installed, and after replaced the ffmpeg.exe

file, it is still unable to download.  Please see the log file. 


These last logs are not related to ffmpeg but to C++ not being installed or otherwise being corrupted on your machine.  You will need to fix that.

One other thing to check. If there is no folder starting with x86_Microsoft.VC90.CRT_ in your c:\windows\WinSxS folder, you are possibly missing VC++ 2008 as well.  https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=29

After installed Visual C++ 2008, it is able to download youtube videos,

but still not able to download kissanime.io videos with both auto mode

on and off.  Please see the log file.


Dont enter the kissanime url in JMR.  The extraction method is not supported for this website as per the error message you are getting.

You need to switch AUTO on and then go to the webpage you want to capture on kissanime.io in your browser and play the video there so the stream can be detected and captured, as per my original screenshots.  Dont forget to clear your browser's cache.

After turning auto mode on and leaving URL empty,

it is able to download kissanime.io videos now, but

only one minute of the video is downloaded.  Does

the trial version only allow one minute?

Depends on the protocol streamed.  For HLS like this yes.  For others, you may get 50%.   There is a 30 day no questions asked money back on purchases.

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