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Download YouTube live stream when YT blocked

I screen-capture 24/7 a live stream from YouTube, but a hardware failure means I now need to download it with Jaksta instead.

However, I have blocked YouTube videos from downloading (absolutely essential) so I wonder if I can make an exception for this one stream?


Desperately hoping you can help,


If you were screen-capturing then you were allowing YouTube to download in your browser. 

How have you blocked YT from downloading?  To allow JMR to download its needs to be able to connect to youtube and its cdn servers.

YouTube is blocked only in JMR's adblocker in Settings.  You kindly advised me of the correct link to achieve this, before I knew how to find it for myself.

I have to watch a lot of YT videos, and they must be prevented from cluttering up JMR and my hard drive, I just don't have time to divert from "work" to keep on top of them.

It looks as tho I'm asking the impossible.  Must think of some other way to record that stream that doesn't involve screen-capture.

PS - I didn't want to use VLC, as my video editor often has trouble with the resulting files.   JMR files can be many hours long and still be a doddle to work on :)

Adblocker only takes effect when AUTO mode is on.  There is no need to leave AUTO on at all times for this link.

You could also just use the extraction capture method that doesnt need AUTO mode to be on.

Enter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQGoDi4bQgk into "Enter of Drag and Drop the url of a video page to download" and select the stream you want.


If I am miss understanding what you are asking then please describe in detail what you are trying to do.

My Jaksta is also downloading 24/7 all the cams, including 2 Dropcams, on this site: starrranch.org/blog (which can only be done using Edge browser, go figure!)

This is my experience, and it applies to screen-captures too.

These wildlife webcams (and maybe all live cams) quite often drop out or freeze, and they do not recover at my end until the browser is refreshed.  I therefore set browsers to auto-refresh at certain intervals, depending on the reliability of the stream.

In order for Jaksta to re-pick-up a dropped stream, I keep it on Auto.

All the downloads have to look after themselves until I stop/restart them in order to work on the completed downloads, going thru them in an editor and extracting/joining clips and uploading and publishing to interested groups.  I do the same with other cams that I screen-capture.  Yes, I've got my hands full :o

Jaksta 6

I still have it installed - could I do the "Enter or Drag and Drop the url of a video page to download" in that version, to save making changes to Jaksta 7 settings?

I've had a look but can't see how to do it, sorry :(

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