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Jaksta only capturing audio in 16 bit not in 24 bit

I tried capturing the new MQA format from Tidal.

Jaksta captures the 48000 hertz when I set the output format to 48000 hz.

But it refuses to capture 24 bit. 

Not from Tidal or from  VLC Media Player.

I play 96000 Hz 24 bit files with VLC, 

but neither Jaksta Media  nor Jaksta Audio recorder will grab 24 bit,

I tried FLAC and WAV, I only get 16 bit output files. 

Your audio subsystem is outputting 32 bits per sample.  For flac, mp3, m4a, ogg and wma 32bit is down sampled to 16bit.    This is because those formats either dont support bits per sample that high or the reference implementations don't or do an extremely poor job.  

Capturing to WAV captures the raw audio subsystem stream.  Audio captured to wav will show you the actual bit depth your systems is out putting so you can confirm.

Alternatively, you have your system setup to only output 16 bits per sample.  


I tried about everything now. 

Absolutely cannot get it to record in 24 bits.

I tried 48000 and 96000, these work but only in 16 bits.

Tried all kinds of players, and devices, setting them to 24 bits,

result is always 16 bits.


Please provide debug logs which show you start recording:  https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063.  These will show what bit depth your audio subsystem is sending through.

Also please provide a screen shot of your default speakers default format as per the advanced tab I have shown below.

I assembled all the files pertaining the problem in this folder on my Google Drive.



Looks like Stereo Mix (What you hear) is only receiving 16 bit samples.  We use a 3rd party lib (naudio) for Wasapi captures.  Ill dig in and see what has changed or why your default format is not being respected.

017-09-05 16:37:15,004 [5] INFO c2 [(null)] - AbstractAudioRecorder: 0: New (2, 48000, 16)

Could you provide logs for an Application mode capture as well?

The next release supports down sampling of 32 bit samples to 24 bit (mainly for application mode captures do regularly produce 32 bit samples) to flac and a few others that support 24bit inputs. Currently, down sampling from 32 b is limited to 16 as per my original response.  


I installed the new version, and immediately tested for 24 bits.

When capturing to WAV, the result is 32 bit float file.

When capturing to FLAC, the file has 96/24, but the sound is distorted/garbled.

I will try to capture in application mode on my old rig, since I hesitate to disable the UEFI bios on my new laptop for warranty reasons.

Kind Regards,


Secure boot is a setting so wont void your warranty -  you can switch it on or off as desired.   Much better quality recordings will be achieved with Application mode than Stereo Mix/What you hear.

The latest Windows OS's outputs 32b samples, so it is expected that capturing to WAV will be 32b.

Interesting that you are getting distorted sound when recording to flac.  Ensure your tests are with a good player like VLC.  Please provide sample flac file and logs when you get a sec.

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