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Help needed at the end of process

I am trying to download a URL stream from Highspots Video. After it is seemingly done, I have numerous files in my Jaksta Media Recorder folder that last anywhere from several minutes to several seconds. Is this normal, if so how do I join them up into a single file for use?


Kind regards,

John D. 

Attached is a screen shot...

(154 KB)

It looks like you are using the DVR capture method.  The DVR uses silence detection to split videos series, ads etc.  This video looks like it had some periods of silence in it, hence the splits.

You can control silence detection via settings at the bottom of Settings > DVR, see those highlighted in screenshot below.  Mouse over to get tooltip on what each does or refer to user manual.


If you just want to record for a set period of time then turn off silence detection and in the DVR Browser set the number of minutes to record in the highlighted field in this screenshot.


To combine them, select them all and then Main Menu and select the Combine menu option.


Thank you very much.

When I am on the DVR Browser screen, the video I am trying to record will not budge/play (please see attachment), thus when I try to record the video I get nothing but the paused screen throughout my video. 

Are there settings to cease the buffering/stillness of video, or is there another way to go to record said streaming video?

Thanks again.

(559 KB)

The DVR capture method will capture any buffering that occurs as it is recording what is playing in the browser, not capturing the stream.   It is intended to be used on sites that use copy protection mechanisms - it is illegal for us to capture the stream directly from such sites.

I wont be able to tell you the best way to capture highspotswrestlingnetwork.com, as its a subscription site, unless you provide login details.  Please send these to support AT jaksta.com and reference this ticket in your email.

Thanks for your credentials.

The best way to capture from highspotswrestlingnetwork.com is to use the AUTO detect method of JMR's Stream Downloader.

It looks like the site does a bit of caching n the browser though, so if you have watched a video already you will need to clear the browser's cache before switching AUTO on in JMR and watching the video again.

1. Clear your browsers cache.

2. Open JMR and switch AUTO mode on

3. Go to the page in your browser on highspotswrestlingnetwork.com hosting the video and play it.

The following screenshot shows detection and downloads from this site using chrome.


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