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Jaksta Stopped working

I have version 1.3.3 activated. It was downloading videos from youtube with no problems youtube but just stopped working all of a sudden. 

Any adivise? Thanks! Alvin 

Hi Alvin,

Updating Jaksta is most likely going to be the only solution to your problem. V1.3.3 is very outdated at this point, with V1.5.1 being the last Version 1 update we released before then moving onto Version 2.

Version 2 is a PAID upgrade that we released earlier this year, but it is not mandatory. If you would like, you can start by first updating to V1.5.1 and then see if it starts working again.

You can get the installer here: http://download.shedworx.com/jaksta/beta/1.5.1_00/Jaksta-1.5.1.pkg

There is a good chance you will receive upgrade prompts to Version 2. You can turn off the prompts by going to Preferences > General and turning off the feature that does auto-checks for updates on startup. 

There is a discounted upgrade offer for existing license holders, which can be accessed by following the prompts in the update checker pop-up notification.

Please be aware that we will not be releasing any more updates for Version 1, as we are focusing our development on Version 2. 



Jaksta Support

Thank you Liam. I will give the upgrade a try. 



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