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Not Recording You Tube Videos

I have version 1.3.3 (139) 

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Hi John,

Are you perhaps talking about Jaksta for Mac (now renamed as Jaksta Media Recorder)? Because that is very different to Jaksta Converter (which does not record at all - only converts), which is what you have posted this in. 

If it is Jaksta for Mac and you are having recording/downloading issues, then I would guess that it is because you are running a very outdated version.

It would be best to start by updating to the latest build of Version 1 that we released before moving onto Version 2. You can get the installer here: http://download.shedworx.com/jaksta/beta/1.5.1_00/Jaksta-1.5.1.pkg

Once installed, there is a good chance you will receive upgrade prompts to Version 2, which is a PAID upgrade that we released earlier this year, but it is not mandatory. You can turn off the prompts by going to Preferences > General and turning off the feature that does auto-checks for updates on startup. 

There is a discounted upgrade offer for existing license holders, which can be accessed by following the prompts in the update checker pop-up notification.

Please be aware that we will not be releasing any more updates for Version 1, as we are focusing our development on Version 2. 



Jaksta Support

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