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Since yesterday Auto Stream detect will no longer work on cam4


since yesterday the stream from cam4 will not be detected automatically and recorded.

Detected and captured ok here.

Provide debug logs if still an issue for you:  https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063


If you take a look in to the Properties you will see it is not the rtmp Stream that will be detected it is the m3u8 (mpeg) Stream (Stream for Mobile Devices) so no Private or Group Show!


I am not the only one with this Problem


Sorry I have no control over what protocols a site streams.  

The only streams are the HLS ones that are detected and captured, at least with chrome.

I just tried IE 11 and it is still using the flash player in that browser and the rtmp stream is used and captured.


oooh okay, it seems that it is a problem with chrome... with mozilla it is also working.

it seems that chrome is no longer using the flash player?

Chrome blocked the flash player back in update 55. There are articles on the interwebs about how to enable it. It is up to the site which player they serve to which browser and which protocol that player uses. That is why we have to support so many ;) Provide logs going into a private chat if that is what the real issue is and we can see why that isn’t detected.

You confuse it with Java, this is no longer available in chrome (NPAPI Block)

Flash is integrated in Chrome but is set as "click to play". In my Chrome Flash is always enabled for cam4 etc

I think that not the Flash Player is the Problem, it seems that cam4 has change their Website to HTML5 so the HLS Player will be preferred by chrome.

Now i am looking for, how you can disable/block the HLS player in chrome.

Chrome blocks flash by default from 55 onwards:  https://blog.chromium.org/2016/12/roll-out-plan-for-html5-by-default.html

Even Adobe have said they are dropping support for flash from 2020. Its no surprise that websites are moving to HLS.   Our next release bumps up our support for HLS allowing you to control the capture speeds etc.

If you are saying that private HLS streams are not being detected I would be keen to get some debug logs off you so I can investigate that.  

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