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Jaksta Media Recorder will not accept activation after complete new install upgrade

Like another user I had the problem of still being prompted to upgrade to even after having upgraded to

So I went through the process of manually deleting app and folder in Application Support, but when I tried to activate, nothing happened.

So I AGAIN went through the manual upgrade process, attempted to activate but got an error message: "There have been too many attempts using this activation code"!

So I replaced the "Jaksta Media Recorder License Key.vkey" file and when I open now it knows its validated, but it again is prompting me to upgrade.

I GUESS the central issue is that error message about there being too many attempts. Given that it did nothing with the first manual upgrade and attempted Activation, what else was I supposed to do? I had to force quit via Activity Monitor, and the next day I just put up with the constant dunning but there was an additional problem that I noticed.

When I opened Jaksta Media Recorder, two additional proxy settings got selected in System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies. A few weeks ago I'd had problems which I tracked down to these two extras being somehow selected, and noticed the same problems today. So I left the Proxy list open and visible as I opened JMR and, sure enough, Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) both got automatically checked, along with the only one that needs to be chosen, Auto Proxy Discovery.

With those incorrectly set proxies added, pages opened slowly, if at all, and Jaksta would report that there was nothing to capture even from URLs that it had actually found something in only 3 minutes earlier.

I would appreciate a solution so I can go back to just using the computer instead of having to police proxy settings. And without Media Recorder incessantly urging me to upgrade to the version I've already upgraded to.

Thank you. [Mac Pro (desktop), 10.12.6 32GB, 67GB free on startup drive]

(I am the customer who had activation codes from v.1 that even you could not find in your database, so you gave me all 3 and new codes for each. This is the first time one of them has not worked — actually, I think Media Recorder is the only one that's been further upgraded in v.2.)

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Hi William,

So firstly, I have increased the number of activations allowed for your license, so it should work when you try it next.

Secondly, we are looking into the update notification issue and should have it resolved soon, but in the meantime it is nothing to worry about and it can be ignored for now.

If seeing the automatic update prompts is annoying you then you can them turn off by going to Preferences > General and turning off the feature that does auto-checks for updates on startup.  

Those proxy settings are meant to be turned on when Jaksta is monitoring, but Auto Proxy Discovery should NOT. Just the first two that you mentioned. They should not need to be manually altered to get anything working, and they should be turned off when Jaksta is closed or the monitoring is turned OFF. 

If you have problems with your connection or with Jaksta when these settings are ON, then something else is happening and it needs to be looked into.



Jaksta Support

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