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Support for Fuji.TV Live

Hi there,

Could you guys look at fujitv.live and see if recording is possible?

Follow this url (fujitv.live/fujitv), then click 'Click to Start Play'.

I think the DVR capture method would work for this.

Ok, so I figured out you have to look in your browser history to get the url that has the access token in order to bring the video page into the DVR browser. I can then record it, but part of the video is cut off and there is no audio. See below:


How can I fix this?

Ok, the video cut off didn't happen again when I tried recording again twice.

I realized there are 2 issues with recorded video:

1. There is no audio.

2. The video quality is bad. The stream is much better quality, but why when I record it, it looks awful?

Could you test this yourself please?

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