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Since upgrading today, keep getting errors in Auto Detection

Since upgrading today (10/11/17), keep getting errors in Auto Detection. Enclosed is screen shot.

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Seems this is a bug introduced with this version.  A new build is happening now and will be released soon.  

In the mean time please change Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HLS and select FFMPEG instead of HLSD from the dropdown.

Sorry for the hassle.

Release fixes this issue:   https://jaksta.com/download/windows/jaksta-media-recorder

I have downloaded and am still having this issue.

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The latest version is  Have you tried that?  There have been lots of changes since 33.

Please post debug logs if you are having issues.  Screen shots don't really tell us anything unfortunately.

I updated to I still am having issues. Attached are the debug logs.

Thank you kindly.

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From your logs it looks like you are entering the url in to the "Enter the URL of a video page to download".  This extraction method only supports around 100 common sites.  Highspotswrestlingnetwork.com is not one of them and as per the error message you receive you received you need to use the AUTO detection method.

With the AUTO detection method, you need to switch that on first and the open your browser and go to https://www.highspotswrestlingnetwork.com/ and start playing a video in your browser.

JMR will then detect the stream and start to capture it.  Once capturing you can switch of AUTO and stop it playing in your browser.


I have turned on the auto and am getting no detection.


Try to clear your browsers cache.

Sorry you logs are not in debug mode.  Please ensure debug mode is on before you switch auto on and then open your browser and go to the site and start playing the video.  

I cleared my browsers cache, ensured debug was on, and switched to auto on, etc., and I am still at a loss of what to do. 

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You have switched on "Include network trace in debug logs".  

Please dont do this unless asked.  Just follow the instructions provided to get me the logs.

I do not what else to do. To the best of my knowledge, I have followed the instructions.

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You logs show you got a popup that said the following:


2017-10-29 22:23:54,849 [5] INFO c3 [(null)] - ShowMessageDialog: SSL Scanning has been switched OFF.: The SSL scanner is missing its configuration and could not be started.


This means media streamed over https:// will not be detected and downloaded.


Please reinstall this application to create the configuration required by the SSL scanner.


The site you are trying to capture from is https.  

Reinstall the application.

Once you have ssl working, if there is still and issue capturing from this site then please provide debug logs again.

Also please attach the zip file.  

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