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Recording video from Facebook

I've encountered a problem when trying to records short videos from Facebook.

If I use Auto a useless file called Facebook – log in or sign up.mp4 is recorded.

If I enter a url then the video is recognised and properly named when Jaksta gives me the options for recording. But the file is renamed to a long number and there is no audio, just the video.

I have tried uninstalling and a fresh install...same problem.

I am listening with a bluetooth soundbar (see attached pic), maybe that's a problem. But maybe not as I have tried when the sound in through the onboard speakers...with the same result.

Do you have any suggestions, please?


Facebook can only be capture by entering the url, not using AUTO capture.

Multiple streams are available - some with out sound.    

Select one of the dash streams like the following which has sound:



Thanks for that. Using the URL I only see two files. One mp4 (no sound) and one m4a (only sound).


No dash streams are apparent.

That last line should expand and show you the dash streams?  If not what is the video url? 

Thanks for sticking with this one.

The attached are examples from /www.facebook.com/sinnwatches/videos/994748950571129/

Sinn 1 is from the pop-up showing the expanded choice of files.

Sinn 2 is the main window showing the correct file name as capture proceeds.

Sinn 4 is the main window at the end of capture of the mp4 fiel (no sound) showing renamed to a random number.

Thanks again...Bob

Sinn 3.PNG
(4.78 KB)

Thats pretty strange, this is what I get, which shows the dash streams.  


I dont know why you are not getting them though like I do.  I assume you are using the latest version?

We do have a new version out shortly which moves these as the default.  

Might be best to wait for that and see how you got.  Should be out in the next few hours.

Latest version is out and pushes the dash streams to the top of the list so easier to select.


OK...here goes.

uninstall v7.0.0.34, deleting settings and libraries





uninstall Network Monitor





install v7.0.0.36, check delete settings and libraries


answer 'NO' to BIOS question 



Jaksta has set up DVR as default sound device 



try http://www.facebook.com/sinnwatches/videos/994748950571129/


see more mp4 otions...with DASH 



select mp4





...but only once I've enabled the speakers (which I had done on previous attempts)



Very many thanks.


Any idea how keep the original name for the file, please?

"SINN...the Video" saved as 994748950571129.mp4.

Speakers have nothing to do with internet downloads, only DVR captures.

Naming rules for Internet Downloads can be switched on and off via Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Naming Rules.  You can also simply rename any file.

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