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hulu and netflix will not record

I am unable to record from Netflix or Hulu.  It was working up until a few days ago.


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Same here on Hulu, a year later. Get a mostly green screen, with a few blasts of non-green pixels scattered around.

Are you using the DVR capture method?  

See the following for the steps required.


If that isnt working for you then please provide debug logs as per


Am I missing something? The whole page at support/mac/kb/user-guide-jaksta-media-recorder-for-mac-6000031386 has DVD mentioned once at the top, not again, and on the app itself I see nowhere to select it. Even a URL > Get just comes up with a buy now, activate, and close. Whether monitoring is on or off doesn't seem to matter.

The DVR capture method is the digital video recording feature of Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows and is used for recording from premium sites such as Netflix which do not allow stream capture.

Looks like you are using Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac based on the user guide you have linked to (You have posted to the Windows support forum), which does not have a DVR feature in it.   Use the Jaksta Screen Recorder for Mac for these sites - https://www.jaksta.com/products/mac/jaksta-screen-recorder

The mac forums are here:  https://www.jaksta.com/support/mac/technical

Moving over to the Mac forums. . . .

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