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"Browser not supported" - Eurosport Player

I downloaded the trial of your software in an attempt to DVR record Eurosport Player.

Unfortunately this fails immediately, because when I browse to https://www.eurosportplayer.co.uk the page is redirected to https://gb.eurosportplayer.com/unsupported which displays the message "Eurosport is not supported on this browser.  Please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 11+ or Win10: Edge"

I am running on Windows 10 and I tested the same page using my local copy of Internet Explorer 11, and confusingly it gave the same message.  So it might be partly a problem with Eurosport's detection of Internet Explorer.  (When accessing EuroSport player normally I use either Chrome or Firefox, which both work fine.)

Regardless, this unfortunately makes your product useless for my needs.  Maybe you can find a way to fix this?  Maybe something as simple as providing an editable User Agent would allow me to fool the site into thinking I was using Edge or Chrome or any browser it will in fact support.  I don't know for sure if this would work on this site, but it would be worth a go.

If not, then it would be great if your software could use a built in browser more widely supported - like Chromium for example.

I won't be buying your recorder now but if/when it can support Eurosport Player, I would certainly be interested.

Thanks anyway.

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There is an ssl misconfiguration issue with https://www.eurosportplayer.co.uk which is stopping it opening in ff, chrome and ie at the moment, at least here anyway.


This is not the fault of our product.

In the DVR browser if I say to ignore that security issue then the site opens correctly.  If you want us to test the capture out further then please provide credentials to support AT jaksta.com and reference this post.

You can change the User Agent for DVR via Settings > DVR > Browser Emulation.  I have it set to IE 11.  Some sites such as netflix require IE10 Default.  Currently IE is the only browser supported for DVR, due to the nature of the DVR capture method, but I am working on a chrome version currently.


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