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Chrome and Dvr download

This don't work when setting chrome as dvr. It's downloading videos in 640x360 resolution, I need to download videos in 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. Resolution 640x360 is useless. Looking forward to you answer how to solve this.


Jan Wold

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Please dont post license keys and your email address to the forum.  Everyone can read them.   I have edited your post to remove them.

DVR'ing is recording videos and not downloading them.   The size of the video depends on your screen size and the size of the player on the site.  You can try and override this by clicking off Settings > DVR > Request Best Output Size and entering the requested width and height.  Note the tooltip's when hovering over this button and the width/height.   Increasing it past the defaults will more than likely result in poor quality recordings.

What site are you attempting to capture?  Are you sure it requires the DVR capture method to be used?

Amazon Prime can only be DVR'ed.

You can adjust the settings as I have indicated. 


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