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Muxing ad infinitum

For the last several weeks there have been bottlenecks in Jaksta when I stop downloads, because some/most of the files take forever to "mux".  While one file is muxing the others which were stopped at the same time have to be queued, and if I want to close/reopen Jaksta to give it a fresh start, or because I need to reboot, I'm stuck waiting.

During ? years of using Jaksta 4, 5, 6 and 7, I had never seen this problem until recently, possibly with the versions that followed 14.

I attach a snap showing the different "Date Modified" times of files that were stopped at exactly the same moment.

(I did tell you that my other problems were fixed with version 38 but that was a false dawn, and I have to put some files thru a converter in order to navigate them in my editor, but I intend to wait and hope that that will be fixed with a new version somewhere along the line.)

As a long time user - thank you for your support.

Muxing is the process of combining many small chunks of audio and video that are streamed separately into a single file.  

Your screen shot shows flv files so Im assuming these are ustream streams as Im pretty sure these are the only ones that mux at the end of a a download and result in an flv file.  ustream has been a constant moving target for years - they have made up their own streaming protocol that is only used by them.   There last major protocol change was in June 2017 and we supported it by the end of that month.

In all you screenshot shows around 4.5G of data that was muxed.  Now I dont know the specs of your machine, but 4 streams muxing that much data at the same time - Im not surprised at all it took some time.

I can provide an exact explanation if you provide debug logs or the stream url.

Im unsure what you mean by your last statement.  If your editor doesnt support the native flv files that the site streams and JMR captures, then of course you will have to convert.  JMR has a builtin converter just for that.

I did solve this in the end but failed to report back here, due to pressure of work!

CRS and I were not on the same page at the time (I was not downloading from Ustream but from a site that still uses Flash), so having just come up against the problem again following a reinstall of Win10 and Jaksta, I thought I'd post the simple solution:

The RTMP setting "Automatically fix..." is set to On by default, and that's what causes the problem.  Once it's reset to Off the flv downloads stop/complete instantly and are faultless.

I attach screenshot of the setting.

Hope this helps CRS and anyone else :)

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