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1. Recording Name Changes. 2. Date & Time not added

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1. On some of my radio program recordings, the name is changed to a different name or number. This is not consistent. Some turn out OK and then the next time the name is changed. How is this fixed.

2. Not all of the program names get the date and time added to the name. Is there a fix for this   


Naming rules are controlled by:

Settings > Naming Rules

Additionally tags can be overwritten on the tags can be supplied on the schedules tags tab.  Depending on your naming rules these can directly affect the file name.

So that I can provide advise on what is happening:

1. Please provide a screenshot of those settings and the url of the stream.

2. Please also provide debug logs of a short recording that is giving you a name you don't expect by following these steps:  https://support.jaksta.com/a/forums/topics/6000009063





The above are two screen shots and the third demonstrates I can not follow the link.

My latest test recording was named "A test 3 of KSFO". In ITunes it is "Test for Echo".

Is there a setting that searches for artists or published songs and then changes the name to same?

Thank you for helping me use your software.

Tabo Ogata

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