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What is "chunklist" in media Recorder?

I've had this program for about an hour now..

Noticed sometimes when I go to cancel a stream recording, that file will stop, but then another recording begins...

Its recording the same thing I just stopped.. but now the file starts with "chunklist".

Also, sometimes when I start recording a stream, 2 files automatically start downloading... one the stream file name and the other starting with 'chunklist'.,,  Both files recording the same thing...

What is chunklist... how do I stop this plague?

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I have the same problem as problem.  What is it, and how to you stop it???

A chunklist is a common name that some websites name their HLS streams.  Normally this is for live streams where the next "chunk" of the stream is provided via a chunklist.m3u8 file every so often.

What are you trying to capture?  

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