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Update not taking my serial number

I just updated my software to the latest version. When I enter my serial number

it says this number has been used too many times. I don't know what that means

as I have only used it to install on my mac twice...

Can you assist me with this problem??



Hi Stephen,

By the looks of it you have two separate license profiles, one of which is for Version 1 of Jaksta Media Recorder. This is the one that has reached it's activation limit. I have increased this limit in the event that it is the one you want to use for whatever reason. 

Your other license is for Version 2 of JMR and still has a number of activations left and should work. 

I have emailed you a copy of your V2 license key in case you need it. 



Jaksta Support

Is there a limit on how many times you can download

Hi Conor,

You can activate Jaksta on up to two separate devices per license.



Jaksta Support

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