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Can't Record in Win 10 Slingbox M2

Hi. I don't understand. I can't watch my slingbox and record another channel? How do I find my IP/Slingbox ID please?

Thank you!!

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Hi Stevie,

I have seen your refund request(s) in our ticket support and have replied to them, but clearly you are not receiving them.

My best guess would be that you have signed up to our support system with an incorrect email address and so the responses are not sent to the correct address.

I can process a refund for you no problem, but I am unable to find you in our system with the details provided.

Could you please either supply me with the email address that you used for the purchase or the activation code you received for your license? 

Please send these details through privately via the email ticket support that you have been using, but with the correct email address registered to the account. Then you should be able to see my replies.



Jaksta Support

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